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Wedding and Engagement Rings


Our Process Custom Made Jewellery

The Talk

First we talk about your vison, diffrent material and other options. I will guide you thru the process. We can also set at budget and other requests.

Creative Process

In this phase, I make a design based on your ideas. Quick sketches where we discuss changes and improvements

Design & Development

To visualize the final design, we make a computer fil of the jewelry. Here we can also fine-tune so that the ring is absolutely perfect for you

Final Product

Now it's just for you to relax and wait for your dream ring to be made

The Owl and the Magpie

When we conceived the design for this beautiful pair of The Owl and Magpie earrings, we knew that what we had was a hit on our hands. A modern look that is great work-wear and party-wear

What our clients say

Elisabeth created two amazing rings for our wedding in New York. We met well in advance and explained our wishes and ideas. These were managed and refined by Elisabeth who, with her accuracy and formality, captured exactly what we wanted. she also create a unique diamond ring as a symbol of our first-born daughter.

Brooklyn Bridge

Nov 2, 2016